A total of four grants are available for dance or other performing artists or artistic groups for working in the O Espaço do Tempo residential centre in Portugal. The grants are open to individuals and working groups of up to five members, and they are provided for between two and three weeks in the period March–September. The working grant for O Espaço do Tempo amounts to €800 per person per two weeks or €1200 per person per three weeks. The residents are provided with full board during the residency and transportations from Lisbon, but not an additional grant for travelling costs.

O Espaço do Tempo is located in Convento da Saudação, an old Dominican monastery, in the town of Montemor-o-Novo about 100 kilometres from Lisbon.

The artists who receive grants from the Finnish Cultural Foundation can use one of the five rehearsal studios in the residential centre. In 2017 O Espaço do Tempo opened a Theatre Space in central Lisbon where the works can be shown (work in progress, open rehearsal etc.). Accommodation is in 14 double rooms, and as the residential centre is located in an old monastery, the rooms are quite basic.

O Espaço do Tempo supports a wide variety of performing arts from dance to theatre and music and welcomes artists engaged in the contemporary art scene alike.

For more information about the activities at O Espaço do Tempo, go to: www.oespacodotempo.pt