The Finnish Cultural Foundation launched a massive programme called Myrsky (Storm) in 2008. By 2011, Storm had provided €5 million for 87 art projects directed at young people in different parts of Finland. In all, approximately 14,000 teenagers got involved in the programme through regular activities under the direction of professional artists.

The Storm projects were targeted particularly at ordinary youngsters. Storm placed professionally-run arts activities within reach even of young people for whom access to the arts was difficult for either social or financial reasons. The projects varied greatly in size. Most of them drew a few dozen or even several hundred youngsters, though some were much smaller or larger. Many of the projects freely combined various forms of art on the borderlines of popular, youth and high culture.

For three years Storm activities were also the topic of a research project Young people as art makers, coordinated by the Finnish Youth Research Network. The conclusion was that creating art increased the youngsters’ happiness, joy of living, and communal abilities and skills. The opportunities for artistic youth activities should be improved in society, because art strengthens youngsters’ social participation. One of Storm’s objectives has indeed been to make art an integral element of local youth work.

The Finnish Cultural Foundation was committed to maintaining the Storm programme for three years. In spring 2011 the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation took over the responsibility for Storm.

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