The Science Circus is a mobile science exhibition and show. It has been produced by Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre and is funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

The Circus takes science centre activity to schools all over the country. The tour started from Lapland in August 2009. One million euro provided by the Finnish Cultural Foundation guarantees that the Science Circus is on the road for two academic years. A Science Circus visit is free for schools and municipalities. 

The Science Circus acts as a stimulant 

The Science Circus staff want to make science attractive and interesting. Science is of course something that experts do in official institutes, but it is also much more. Science can happen in science centres, it can entertain, be a career choice or more generally form the basis of a view of the world.

"I believe in the power of personal inspiration," saysHarri "Heko" Montonen, the Science Circus director and main presenter. "That enables us to communicate the scientific view of the world effectively. Everything we do in the Circus is in one way or another science, even though we are having a good time." 

Finding scientific explanations for phenomena is also a vital skill of the Science Circus workers.

"A phenomenon is not the same thing as a miracle. The amazement at the Science Circus is natural, but the presenters are very clear that everything can be explained. Although every performer has answers at the ready, to save time and maintain the excitement until the climax, we leave some questions open. We assume that some in the audience will demand explanations for tricks after the show - and they are then really interested. But as there is never enough time for everything, we must be concise. Anyone who wants to be really thorough will go on to university to find out about things. The Science Circus, like a science centre, acts as a stimulant."

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