The application period for grants from the 17 regional funds of the Finnish Cultural Foundation starts on 10 January 2017. Regional funds support the cultural work being done in each respective region by awarding grants and prizes.  In 2017, the regions will distribute grants worth a total of EUR 12 million.

The regional fund supports work in cultural fields and different projects; science grants are aimed at dissertation work in particular and the scientific work that follows it. Organisations may seek grants for carrying out different types of cultural projects. When deciding on grants, precedence is given to those applicants who live or were born in the region in question, work carried out in or for the region, as well as cultural and development projects that are significant to the region.

Every regional fund awards at least EUR 40,000 in one or two grants to top projects in the region. In addition, each fund awards at least EUR 20,000 for children's and young people's culture. The smallest grants are EUR 2,000, with the exception of study grants, which may be less. Regional funds also have their own areas of emphasis, for example, projects to renew the region's vitality or identity, communality, as well as children's and young people's culture.

The application period ends at 4 pm on 10 February 2017

Applying for a grant is done electronically at The application must be submitted to the system by 4 pm on Friday 10 February 2017. Statements must also be submitted to the system by 4 pm on 10 February. Only those applications that have been submitted by the close of the application period will be considered.

Grants will be distributed at the annual party of each regional fund in April or May.

More information on regional funds and grants can be found on the website of each regional fund.

Information on the operations of the Finnish Cultural Foundation and grants can also be found here: