In the October 2017 application period, The Finnish Cultural Foundation grants additional funding of approximately one million euros to research relating to sustainable agriculture utilising the principles of biological interaction. This funding will support three to five research projects, the aim of which should be to either produce new research data or apply existing data into practice. The research topics may, for example, relate to soil and pollinator health, crop diversity and adaptation to climate change, or the influence of pesticides and fertilisers on the environment and ecosystems.

Finland is the northernmost agricultural country of the world. The competition with more productive countries has increased the use of fertilisers and other chemicals, which has, in turn, affected the nutrient loading in bodies of water. The difficulties in crop protection caused by climate change will only further increase the pressures related to the use of pesticides. These issues also intertwine with legislation and other means of public policy-making.

The applicant may be a working group consisting of several researchers, but not a university or a research institute. The funding is granted for a maximum of three years and may be used for working grants of dissertation and post-doc researchers, and other research expenses. In contrast to the regular policy of the Cultural Foundation, this application can be drawn up by the leader of a working group on behalf of the other members. In other words, the signee of the grant application need not be one of the grant beneficiaries.

Please select agriculture and forestry as the field of the application, even if the primary branch of science of the applicant is something else.